BotArena NFT

Collect, build your team and battle

BotArena is a NFT – gaming project on the Cardano blockchain. Build your team of unique bots, each one of them with its strengths and weaknesses.

A unique and exciting battle system which leverages the great variety in bot builds, their attacks, stats and different abilities.
For more details about the game have a look at the whitepaper!

Each bot has its own set of stats and abilities and can be a viable addition to the right team. This will encourage trading between players who want to build the team which best suits their strategies.

10.000 unique bots will be minted from a total possible pool of 45 million.

How to mint

mint is closed


Every bot is made of 5 parts, each one of them with different stats and abilities. Some of them can grant special attacks, others extra protection or utility. For more details about all the bots parts have a look at the whitepaper, there you can also find the game rules.

Should a part HP go to zero it will be destroyed for the rest of the battle:

Head: it usually grants special abilities or influences target choice, should it be destroyed the targeting system of the bot will be compromised, giving it a longer attack cooldown

Body: the main and usually biggest part of the bot, when destroyed the bot is KO, it better to be armored!

Legs: the main part deciding the bot speed, it follows naturally that if destroyed the bot speed would be severely impacted

Two weapons : the bot two weapons are its main way of attacking the enemies, definitively a high priority target!

Many strategies available

Will you try to protect your more vulnerable bots with a heavy armored brute who can draw enemy fire?

Or will go with a balanced team with some EMP guns to disrupt the enemy?

And what about going with a fast team with low cooldown weapons to destroy the enemy armaments before they can shoot?

Against an armored team better go with AP weapons!


There are 3 sets of rarities, rolled independently for each part and each bot:

  • Common: 60% chance
  • Uncommon: 30% chance
  • Rare: 10% chance

From the gaming perspective rarity is balanced in such a way that rare parts are not necessarily the strongest.

On the other hand they can open different strategies for the team or give some specific utility to the bot.

The main objective in deciding parts stats and abilities was to avoid having strictly better parts than others.

To add uniqueness, each bot comes in one of 15 different colors, find your favourite!